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Sharing Information

Sign N Drive may disclose information about you to the following types of third parties: Sign N Drive affiliates; service companies (companies that provide services to Auto Loans in Canada in order to process your application); financial institutions, and credit bureaus, collection agencies. Your information is disclosed to the foregoing entities solely for the getting a loan that meets your criteria. Outlined below is the information shared with each type of third party and as appropriate, your options:

Sharing Information with Service Companies –

In order to provide quality service, Sign N Drive contracts with service providers for essential roles in processing your application. We may disclose some or all of the information we collect to these service providers but only in order to obtain credit for you. All of Sign N Drive service providers have entered into a contract with Sign N Drive that forbids them from using information provided by Sign N Drive for any purpose other than providing the service for Sign N Drive customers.  Auto Loans in Canada takes security precautions to monitor the use of the information and prevent the use of the information for any other purpose.

Information Sharing With Merchants –

Sign N Drive does not share any information with unrelated merchants for the purpose of extending offers of goods and services without your consent.

Information Sharing with Partners –

Sign N Drive offers its products in conjunction with financial institutions and other businesses (collectively, Sign N Drive Partners). By completing a credit application with Sign N Drive for the purpose of locating a loan that meets your criteria, you agree to the sharing of information with that partner. These relationships are clearly stated in the application and by completing the application you agree to the information sharing by Sign N Drive and the partner which may include: your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and personal financial information.

Credit Reports and Other Uses of Information –

In applying for credit, you agree that we may request consumer credit reports from one or more credit reporting agencies in connection with your application and the administration of such application. You also authorize us to exchange credit information concerning you or your use of the Account with (and answer questions and requests from) others, such as merchants, other lenders and credit reporting agencies.!

If you have any questions can you kindly provide; info@signndrive.ca

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I/ We understand that the information is being used to determine my/our credit responsibilities. Sign N Drive is authorized to obtain any information they may require for these purposes from other sources (for example but not limited to, a credit bureau), including potentially performing a credit check on the applicant(s) if necessary, and each such source is hereby authorized to provide them with such information. I / We also understand that the information given in the Sign N Drive application form as well as other information obtained in relation to my credit history may be disclosed to potential lenders (ex. financial banks) and our affiliates.

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